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    Assurance Relocations strives to earn customers for life. How well do you feel the following describe our company and employees?





    Do you agree with the following statement: I feel that I received a good value for the price I paid for Assurance Relocations Albuquerque Services.

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    When I first contacted Assurance Relocations, I was able to reach a salesperson quickly.

    Subsequent calls and emails to my salesperson or move coordinator received prompt response.

    I received a good explanation of the booking process, paperwork and potential charges.

    With all available information, I received a reasonably accurate estimate.

    My questions and concerns were addressed appropriately and promptly.

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    Moving Day Evaluation

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    The crew listened to instructions.

    Crew members worked efficiently.

    Crew members were professional.

    The crew was careful with my belongings and my home.

    The crew made me feel at ease.

    Did the crew arrive on time?

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