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Planning a move in the Tucson area? Have a hot tub you’d like to take with you? Choose Assurance Relocation Systems, professional Tucson spa and hot tub movers with the tools and know-how to safely complete your move. With our knowledge and experience, you’ll get to sit back as we do all the heavy lifting and thinking for you. We’re a family-owned Tucson mover, which we can proudly say is apparent by the quality and standards of each and every move we accomplish.

The Expert Tucson Hot Tub Movers

Moving a hot tub is much more involved than moving other types of equipment or furniture. Not only is the weight and size of a hot tub a factor, but the location, water and electrical connections also come into play. It’s important to note that not every mover is equipped to handle a hot tub move, as the loading and unloading process needs to be carefully managed for this particular specialty item. When you move with us, you can trust that your hot tub is in the hands of experienced professionals. With our expertise, equipment and resources, Assurance Relocation Systems is the smart choice for a hot tub move.

Hot Tub Moving Checklist

In order to maintain the integrity of your hot tub, and ensure it is moved properly, we’ve put together a short checklist to help you prepare for your move:

  • We are happy to drain your hot tub for you before we move it. But if it happens to be drained ahead of time, that makes our job all the easier.
  • Current condition and weight of your hot tub should be noted before the move. This allows our movers to properly prepare, or bring more movers if need be.
  • The location the hot tub is currently in and its destination should be noted for any obstacles movers may have to traverse or work around. This will help streamline the hot tub moving process.

The make and model of your hot tub should also be noted. Parts may differ when compared to other models, and may need to be moved in a different manner.

Assurance Relocation Systems aims to make your move day quick and easy, so you can start enjoying your hot tub right away. For more information on our hot tub moving services in the Tucson area, call us today or fill out our online estimate form for a free quote.

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