Senior Moving: Tips for Moving in Older Age

No matter who you are or what kind of shape you’re in, moving can be a challenging process. Whether you’re moving yourself or employing professional movers, packing and relocating can be a strenuous process that’ll leave you feeling a bit sore – especially if you’re moving heavy items!


Since moving is a huge process to go through for anyone, it can be even harder when you’re a little bit older. Lifting heavy furniture or bulky items, sorting through belongings, packing and moving items, and everything that goes into getting yourself and your things ready for a relocation can be a huge undertaking, or even undoable for older people or senior citizens. 


On top of this, sentimental aspects of moving can be even more difficult to deal with as an older individual. If you’re moving out of the home you raised your family in, or have otherwise lived in for a long time, it can be really hard to let go – never mind figure out what you’re taking and what you’re getting rid of. 


Don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do or handle during a move – follow our moving tips to make the process as easy as possible. 



  • Research Moving Companies


If you’re an older adult, it’s not a good idea to try and pack and move all of your items yourself. Moving heavy furniture or bulky items can put you at increased risk of injury or straining yourself, and this can be dangerous – especially if you’re living alone. To avoid this and prioritize your safety, research professional moving companies – especially ones that offer packing services. 


However, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible for both your money and for the services you’ll need. Look for a company that specializes in senior moves, and that offers professional packing services in addition to their regular moving services. 



  • Start Planning Early


Try to start the planning process for your move as early as possible. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and to feel completely prepared the day of your move, start decluttering and figure out what you’re getting rid of and what you’re keeping as soon as possible, and then go from there. This will also allow you to go through a grieving process of sorts for your more sentimental items that you’ll have to leave behind (if you have to!). 



  • Create a Plan


The best way to stay organized and on track with your move is to create a cohesive and airtight timeline that allows you to organize and figure out what needs to be done and by when. This will also help when scheduling movers. 



  • Declutter


As is the case with any move, go through your things and figure out what you’ll be donating, selling, throwing away, or otherwise getting rid of. 


Because you may have been living in your home for years, decades, or just a very extended period of time, make sure to start the downsizing process early to have sufficient time to go through all of your items and make the tough decisions. 



  • Adjust to Your New Home


If you’re moving out of the home you’ve had for decades in favor of a more suitably-sized home or maybe even a retirement community or senior living community, this might be an exciting but deeply sentimental process for you. 


Adjusting to a new home is very emotionally stressful, and can be difficult for anyone. If you’ve lived in your past home for a long time, make sure to take time for yourself and really let yourself adjust and settle into your new place. Decorate, have friends over, and let yourself feel comfortable. This is your new home, after all!


If you’re an older adult who’s looking to move soon, make sure to take time for and check in on yourself. Moving is stressful for everyone, but don’t strain yourself or make the process more difficult for yourself by taking on too much at once. Plan ahead, get the right moving company, and prioritize your own comfort. This is a huge transition, but you’re going to enjoy your new home so much. Good luck!

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