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How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

As winter temperatures get closer and closer, you might start thinking about how to prepare yourself and your home for the colder weather, along with all of the patterns that come with it.


For a lot of people, the idea of hot chocolate and watching cozy movies under blankets in a warm house is a welcome prospect as winter comes around, but often the reality of winter tends to throw a wrench of sorts in your fun cozy plans if you haven’t prepared correctly for the cold weather. You want to be huddled under blankets out of choice, after all – not out of necessity!


Especially if your house’s lack of preparedness for the cold weather results in you feeling cold or chilly constantly in your own home, it can really affect your quality of life or overall mood. If you’re working from home these days, this is only exacerbated. 


To be ready for the upcoming winter, make sure to get your home prepped well ahead of time so you’re not left chilly and scrambling once temperatures drop. 


Winter Weather Protections

If you live in an especially cold climate, look into the installation of storm windows or storm doors. Even if you don’t live in a place that gets extreme winter weather, having these precautions can help keep your home just that much cozier, and provide an extra layer of insulation. They also help to cut down on condensation buildup or frost. These are especially helpful for older houses, but if you have newer windows you might not need them. 


If you have a newer home or new windows, there are still ways to make sure you’re even more insulated and warm during the colder months! Add weatherstripping around the edges of doors or windows to stop any drafts or cool air from getting in. 


Plumping Preparedness

Freezing temperatures can really put your plumbing and pipes through the ringer. Make sure to address any leaks ahead of time and make sure to prevent ones in the future by wrapping pipes that aren’t used too much. You can also consult your plumber to see if it’s a good idea to drain your water heater for maintenance ahead of the winter. 


Make Sure Your Heater is Ready to Go

Sometimes, turning on your heat for the winter isn’t as soon as flipping a switch. A lot of times, your HVAC or radiator could use some tuning or just a check-up to make sure it’s good to go before you turn it on for the winter. Make sure your HVAC is well maintained and that you get it checked out for any possible under-the-radar issues before you’ll actually need to use it. 


Now that you’ve begun preparing your house for the chillier months, make sure to prepare yourself, as well! Bundle up and get a new winter coat or boots if you don’t have one – and grab some hot chocolate packets while you’re at it! The winter might not always be the most convenient season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! Stay prepared and get ready for cozy nights in before going sledding in the morning.

Hidden Costs to Prepare For While Buying Your First Home

If you’re in the process of buying or have just bought your first home, congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment and a huge positive change in your life. Choosing a home (especially as a home-buying newbie) is no easy task, and an extremely stressful process to go through once you’ve found a house you’re really excited about (especially if there’s competition for it!).


Whether you’re amidst the process still, or have recently closed on your first home, it’s incredibly important to know about and educate yourself regarding fees and the possible hidden costs that come with the home-buying process. To make sure you’re prepared, read our tips below for the hidden costs you might not anticipate when buying a new home. 



  • “Earnest Money”


The concept of earnest money comes up once you’ve filled out your application to buy your home. This money acts as a statement of intent of sorts, and lets the seller know that you’re serious about the process and committed to buying this home. 


The money, which generally is about 1%-2% of the total purchase price of the home, will be applied to your down-payment and closing costs if your offer is accepted. Only put your contract in motion if you’re really interested in the home – you don’t want to back out just because you’re not interested anymore after putting money down. 


  • Inspections


Make sure to have your prospective house appraised and inspected by professionals before putting in an offer or any money down on it. Some inspections are included in the appraisal process, and some will need to be booked separately. 


However, both are extremely important to make sure you’re getting a good value for your prospective home, and that there aren’t any possible problems or huge issues with the house itself before you buy. 



  • Insurances


Before you buy, make sure you start researching reliable insurance companies for the various kinds you’ll need for your home. There are 3 different kinds of insurance you’ll want to research: homeowners insurance (to cover repairs, personal belongings, and liabilities), mortgage insurance, as well as supplemental insurance (to cover any extreme weather damage or natural disasters). 

Most lenders will have you purchase homeowners insurance before approving your loan, and will add the cost of your mortgage insurance on to your mortgage payment or closing costs (or both). Supplemental insurance is usually optional, but can be a real life-saver for those in areas prone to extreme weather patterns or flooding. 


  • Appliances


If you’ve been renting thus far, it might slip your mind that your home will probably not come with appliances or with various furnishings. Make sure to set aside a budget to make sure that you’re ready for any big appliance purchases you might need to make sure are covered. 


Additionally, discuss with your seller as to what will come with the house, what won’t and what might be included for an extra fee. You’ll probably need to get a new washer and dryer, and (odds are), probably a stove/oven and refrigerator for your new home. 


When making your first home purchase it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the whole process – even if you’ve found the home of your dreams! Take it day by day, and make sure you’re fully prepared for the costs involved and anything that might get thrown your way.

Senior Moving: Tips for Moving in Older Age

No matter who you are or what kind of shape you’re in, moving can be a challenging process. Whether you’re moving yourself or employing professional movers, packing and relocating can be a strenuous process that’ll leave you feeling a bit sore – especially if you’re moving heavy items!


Since moving is a huge process to go through for anyone, it can be even harder when you’re a little bit older. Lifting heavy furniture or bulky items, sorting through belongings, packing and moving items, and everything that goes into getting yourself and your things ready for a relocation can be a huge undertaking, or even undoable for older people or senior citizens. 


On top of this, sentimental aspects of moving can be even more difficult to deal with as an older individual. If you’re moving out of the home you raised your family in, or have otherwise lived in for a long time, it can be really hard to let go – never mind figure out what you’re taking and what you’re getting rid of. 


Don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do or handle during a move – follow our moving tips to make the process as easy as possible. 



  • Research Moving Companies


If you’re an older adult, it’s not a good idea to try and pack and move all of your items yourself. Moving heavy furniture or bulky items can put you at increased risk of injury or straining yourself, and this can be dangerous – especially if you’re living alone. To avoid this and prioritize your safety, research professional moving companies – especially ones that offer packing services. 


However, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible for both your money and for the services you’ll need. Look for a company that specializes in senior moves, and that offers professional packing services in addition to their regular moving services. 



  • Start Planning Early


Try to start the planning process for your move as early as possible. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and to feel completely prepared the day of your move, start decluttering and figure out what you’re getting rid of and what you’re keeping as soon as possible, and then go from there. This will also allow you to go through a grieving process of sorts for your more sentimental items that you’ll have to leave behind (if you have to!). 



  • Create a Plan


The best way to stay organized and on track with your move is to create a cohesive and airtight timeline that allows you to organize and figure out what needs to be done and by when. This will also help when scheduling movers. 



  • Declutter


As is the case with any move, go through your things and figure out what you’ll be donating, selling, throwing away, or otherwise getting rid of. 


Because you may have been living in your home for years, decades, or just a very extended period of time, make sure to start the downsizing process early to have sufficient time to go through all of your items and make the tough decisions. 



  • Adjust to Your New Home


If you’re moving out of the home you’ve had for decades in favor of a more suitably-sized home or maybe even a retirement community or senior living community, this might be an exciting but deeply sentimental process for you. 


Adjusting to a new home is very emotionally stressful, and can be difficult for anyone. If you’ve lived in your past home for a long time, make sure to take time for yourself and really let yourself adjust and settle into your new place. Decorate, have friends over, and let yourself feel comfortable. This is your new home, after all!


If you’re an older adult who’s looking to move soon, make sure to take time for and check in on yourself. Moving is stressful for everyone, but don’t strain yourself or make the process more difficult for yourself by taking on too much at once. Plan ahead, get the right moving company, and prioritize your own comfort. This is a huge transition, but you’re going to enjoy your new home so much. Good luck!

Moving with Pets: The Do’s and Don’t’s

Whether you’ve moved once or a hundred times, you’ll know all of the planning and coordinating that goes into pulling off a successful relocation. Whether it’s a local, cross-country or out-of-state move, or even an international move, you need to stay proactive and put a lot of planning into your relocation to make sure you’ve chosen the right new place, right movers (or self-moving strategy), as well as the right time to move! On top of that, packing isn’t exactly anyone’s favorite experience.


Now, since your last move, you may have found yourself adding a new dog or cat (or other animal!) to your family. Hooray! A new best friend! 


We all love our pets, but coordinating a move and making sure they’re properly taken care of during the entire process can be another complicated detail to take care of. However, moving with a pet doesn’t have to be an arduous or stressful process. With our latest tips for moving with pets, you’ll be in the best shape possible to make sure your pet gets to your new location safely and without too much stress. 



  • Make Sure Their Collar ID Information is Current


Before your moving day, make sure your pet(s)’ tags and identification information on their collar(s) is up to date and accurate. Moving can be really chaotic, and can involve a lot of people moving into, out of, and around your home. 


Ideally, you would put your pet in a separate room to keep them away from the chaos, but if that’s not possible, make sure their information is up to date just in case they get scared and make a dash for the door. There’s nothing worse than having your pet get out and having to chase after them or track them down, but it would be even worse if they didn’t have your current information on their collar in order to make sure they get home safely.


Additionally, make sure to microchip your pet to make sure they can be located and returned to you if their collar is lost. 



  • Keep Your Movers Informed


If you’re using a moving company for your relocation, make sure they know that you have a pet(s), and to be mindful of them. Make sure they know what sort of pet/pets you have, and if there are any special instructions they’ll need to follow as far as their conduct around your animals. 



  • Moving Day


On the day of your move, it’s ideal to either bring your pet to a friend’s or family member’s house to keep them out of the way and less stressed during moving day. Alternatively, try to house them in their crate, or in a separate room where they’ll be able to be out of the way and not in any danger. They’re probably going to be as stressed as you are on moving day, so make sure they’re attended to and don’t have any chance to get spooked and bolt. 



  • Transportation


Make sure you’re transporting your smaller animals in proper well-ventilated carriers that are the proper size for them, and that are comfortable. If you have a larger dog, make sure they’re on a leash at all times and cannot run away if they get frightened. 


Make sure to keep your pet with you during all steps of the transportation itself – NEVER put any pet in any sort of enclosed space like a trunk or moving truck.



  • Long Distance Moving with Pets


Our points from the last tip apply even more so to this one. Make sure your pets are comfortable and kept with you at all times during the transportation process. If you’re moving long distance with a pet, plan out your trip to make sure any hotels you’re staying in are pet-friendly.


If your pet has anxiety or gets car-sick easily, also make sure to plan ahead to keep them comfortable. Talk to your veterinarian to see of any treatments or recommendations they might have, as well as any possible medications to keep your pet comfortable over the long distances you’ll cover together. 


With both short and long distances, make sure to take frequent breaks to get out of the car and let your pet stretch their legs, as well as to give them frequent bathroom breaks. If you’re at a rest stop or really any outside area, make sure to keep your pet leashed or otherwise contained to ensure their safety. 


Now that you’re ready to start on the moving process, make sure to give your pet a little extra love, care, and attention during this time. If you’re stressed, they’ll be stressed. Worse than that, they won’t know why you’re stressed! Take time to reassure them and make sure they know they’re not going anywhere without you!


Once you’re in your new home, make sure to also take the time to safely introduce them to the space and let them take it all in. After all, it’s their home too! Good luck and happy moving.

Local Movers in Tucson start focusing on feeding hungry Tucson families for the holidays…

Local Movers Tucson – Assurance Relocation Systems, has already started a campaign focused on feeding hungry Tucson families for the holidays! “There are so many needy, deserving families right here in Tucson, that will otherwise go without, if we don’t all step in to help.” says J.P Bouchard, local Tucson mover for Assurance Relocation Systems.

The new “Move For Hunger” campaign is a no-brainer to most local moving companies in Tucson, and across the nation. Research & studies have shown that every year, TONS of food is thrown away or left behind during the moving process. Often times, the movers in Tucson see that these are perishable items, that families would love to have for dinner, a holiday dinner, etc.

There’s no point in throwing it away when it very well could be our next door neighbor & their children who are going without dinner. The Tucson movers can ask the client if they’d like to donate the food to local food banks here in Tucson. If the client gives an okay, Tucson Movers AZ – Assurance Relocation Systems & other moving companies in Tucson, they’ll make sure the food gets to the tables of hungry Tucson families.

If you’re going to be moving, or if you know ANYBODY that’s going to be moving anytime in the future or just need some reliable, affordable Tucson movers, please have them contact us for a free, over-the-phone or in-home estimate! You can reach us anytime at 520-396-4403.

If you’d like more information on the “Move For Hunger” campaign, check out our previous Tucson Movers AZ – Assurance Relocation Blogs, or, “like” & follow us on Facebook at

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Thank you Tucson & have a fantastic & safe weekend!

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Movers Tucson

Movers Tucson AZ

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Movers Tucson AZ

Movers Tucson AZ

Piano Moving Company in Tucson say Piano Moving is music to their ears.

Looking for Piano movers or a piano moving company in Tucson? Local Tucson movers say Piano moving is music to their ears! “We’ve been the leading movers in Tucson when it comes to moving a piano in Tucson AZ. That’s a title we’re proud of.” says J.P Bouchard, of Movers Tucson AZ – Assurance Relocation Systems. 

Quality piano movers in Tucson are hard to find. An instrument like a piano can be very expensive to replace if broken or damaged by inexperienced movers in Tucson AZ. Sometimes, replacement & repair parts for your piano are no longer available, so, there’s nothing you can do, or any amount of money that will fix the damage caused by friends helping you move, or a moving company in Tucson with little to no experience moving piano’s in Tucson AZ.  Often times, things like piano’s are also family heirlooms, and have no replacement monetary value. You need Tucson Piano Movers you can trust!

Movers Tucson AZ – Assurance Relocation Systems in Tucson AZ, has quickly become the fastest growing, most trusted & referred moving company in Tucson. Our highly trained, expert movers can help move your home, we’re office movers in Tucson, your piano, or anything else you might need help with!

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As with any business, including the local apartment movers Tucson, we know what they say… Word of mouth is king! Well, we’d be lying if we didn’t agree! Movers Tucson AZ – Assurance Relocation Systems, has quickly become the fastest growing, most referred movers in Tucson AZ!

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Since we offer local Tucson moves, as well as long-distance moves from Tucson, we deal with people just planning on moving to Tucson every single day. This puts us in a fantastic position to refer business to other local Tucson professionals.

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Movers in Tucson bring in the FOOD!

Well, the best “Movers in Tucson” AZ at Assurance Relocation Systems have already started bringing in food to help local Tucson families in need via the nationally recognized “Move for Hunger” campaign.

“We’re happy to be able to provide the best possible moving services to Tucson residents, and help feed Tucson families at the same time.” says J.P. Bouchard, an Assurance Relocation Systems mover located in the Tucson AZ warehouse.

Getting quality movers in Tucson is sometimes more challenging than it might seem at first. You’ve got to find movers in Tucson that are reliable, and show up when they say they will. You have to find experienced movers in Tucson who truly care. You need a moving company in Tucson that’s affordable, and that’s going to take the utmost care of your belongings.

These are all qualities that Assurance Relocation Systems has put a concentrated focus on developing, since the day we started this moving company in Tucson AZ. These are the principles & values that we believe & abide by on a daily basis, with every move we get!

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A larger majority of our Tucson residential movers & house moves in Tucson have food that they’re able to give us, to deliver to Tucson Food Banks & distribution centers.

We could never thank the people in the awesome city of Tucson AZ, for your continued business, referrals & jobs!

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Local Movers Tucson AZ

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9/27/16 – Movers Tucson AZ- Assurance Relocation Systems have NEW Facebook URL!

As we quickly become the biggest, most referred moving company in Tucson, we’ve decided it’s time Assurance Relocation Movers Tucson, hire a Digital Marketing expert to support our growth. Successful online marketing, a relevant company Facebook page & things of that nature are a requirement to survive & compete in the professional moving industry . One of the first things we’ve focused on, is our Facebook URL. This is an important part of our online relevance, and we want it to be as easy as possible for people to find us when they’re looking for movers in Tucson.  As a result of our reviews, we have decided to change our Facebook URL.  As of 9/27/16, our NEW Facebook URL is

Prior to this URL, our page was just /AssuranceRelocations. While our dedicated 1,300+ fans across Tucson & across the globe can easily find us, we know that many people don’t know to look for us by name, particularly if they’re just moving to Tucson, or don’t know any reliable movers in Tucson from past experiences.

We want those prospective clients to be able to find us with ease, so, it is. If you’re one of the 1,300+ people who have already “liked” our page, you won’t see any changes.

If you’re a previous or current client looking to find us, and you see our previous page link pop up in Google & say the link no longer exists, PLEASE find us at our new Facebook URL. Again, that URL is

We appreciate your understanding & we can NOT express the amount of gratitude we have for our client referrals, referrals from our Tucson Assisted Living centers, and the continuous referrals we get from Tucson Apartments, Tucson Realtors & the US Military.

We work hard to earn every client & every referral we get, and we treat clients & referrals like GOLD!

Contact us today for a free, over-the-phone or in-person estimate!

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