Piano Movers

Tucson Piano Moving Specialists

Assurance Relocation Systems is comprised of a team of relocation experts that specializes in moving a variety of specialty items, including pianos. As a professional Tucson moving company, we’re dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service alongside successfully-executed, quality moves. If you’re looking for reliability and personalized service to suit your piano moving needs, choose Assurance Relocation Systems.

 Our Piano Moving Process

Moving pianos is a frequent request in the moving industry, and over the years we’ve developed the expert techniques necessary to properly load and unload pianos to ensure no damage is done to your walls or instrument. Pianos are uniquely shaped instruments, and coupled with the weight of some of the heavier models, this can create a formidable task for a mover. The combination of body, legs and strings of a piano can add up to at least 300-400 lbs, and the shape makes for an uneven distribution of weight. Our team of Tucson piano movers circumvents this challenge with a tried-and-true process, so you can rest easy while your piano is in the hands of seasoned professionals.

 We Move Pianos With Care

At Assurance Relocation Systems, we understand pianos are often expensive, but can also hold intrinsic value to its owners. With this in mind, we take extra care when we move such items, and are sure to communicate with you so you’re comfortable with the job we’re during. If you have any questions about our piano moving services in the Tucson area, give us a call at (520) 396-4403 or fill out the online estimate form for a free moving quote.

Trust Assurance Relocation Systems-The expert Tucson piano moving specialists