How to Safely Move Your Gun Safe

Need help moving a gun safe? You’re not alone, most safe owners do. As a trusted gun safe mover in Tucson, we’ve put together a moving checklist for gun safes to help people just like you safely relocate their safe, regardless of size. We bring years of experience and expertise in the moving and storage industry to the table, along with our certified ProMover status, so we’re confident these tips will provide you a safe and stress-free gun safe move to or from Tucson.

Gun Safe Moving Options

Gun safes can be one of the more challenging items to move, especially because gun safes aren’t supposed to be easy to carry away. They’re designed to stay in a secure location, or even bolted to the ground or wall.

This is why it’s usually best to seek out the help of a professional moving company when moving your safe. A professional mover will have the equipment and techniques to pack and move your safe with extreme care and precision.

Tips for Moving a Gun Safe

Some people, however, do prefer to handle moving their safe on their own. If you are one of these people, please take advantage of the following gun safe moving tips:

  1. Take everything out of the safe – Trying to navigate around corners and up/down stairs with a safe full of contents is not the wisest idea. Taking everything out of the safe will reduce the weight significantly, plus you won’t have to worry about anything falling out or getting damaged as a result of a lot of shifting around in the safe.
  2. Use heavy-duty moving equipment – Whether your safe is large or small, you’ll need a dolly for the easiest moving experience. This will make moving your safe a lot less physically demanding. Also, be sure to obtain some moving straps to secure the safe at all times while in transit.
  3. Use some friends – Ask a few of your stronger friends to help you move the safe. Having a few helping hands for your more cumbersome items never hurts.
  4. Pack everything carefully – After you’ve taken everything out of the safe and moved it onto the truck safely, pack all of the items you took out earlier separately and put them in a safe place until you get to your destination.
  5. Research travel regulations – If you’re moving out of state, your new destination may have laws regulating the transportation of firearms. To avoid any delays in your move, research this information ahead of time.

We hope these tips will help you have a safe, easy and stress-free move to or from Tucson. If you need help moving a gun safe in the area, please fill out our form for a free quote. One of our Tucson area moving coordinators will be in touch to start planning your move.


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