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As professional, experienced Local Apartment Movers in Tucson, we know that moving an apartment in Tucson can be a challenge. Tucson has some very interesting & unique apartment complexes that you just don’t see anywhere else. As you may know if you’ve ever moved an apartment in Tucson, this can be a very difficult task if you’re trying to DIY or have inexperienced friends help. You might consider hiring professional Apartment Movers in Tucson. 

In most cases, moving an apartment in Tucson requires professional help, in order for your belongings to arrive safely & undamaged. Moving heavy furniture up & down stairs in Tucson apartments can also be very dangerous & cause serious injury.

The fact of the matter is, when you consider the value of your family heirlooms & your belongings, it’s usually MUCH less expensive to hire a professional mover in Tucson. Not just a professional either, professionals with DECADES of experience. True specialists when it comes to apartment movers in Tucson, and you can see that in our reviews.

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Tucson Movers Help the Hungry

Tucson AZ Movers

Tucson Moving Company Assurance Relocation Systems & Move for Hunger Partnership

As you might imagine, people throw out ton of “stuff” when they move. Often times, a lot of this “stuff” is actually food.  Food that could & should be going to families in need, instead of getting tossed into the trash. That’s why Movers Tucson – Assurance Relocation Systems, has partnered up with By teaming up together, we’re a part of the fastest-growing, year-round food service programs. Assurance Relocation Systems is able to deliver unwanted, non-perishable food items to Tucson families in need of help!

Tucson is a city that has a tremendous amount of great people, who come to the aid of anyone in need! Together, we can make a difference!  We’re your #1 choice for affordable Tucson Movers, and we’re going to do our part to deliver SUPERIOR moving, packing & storage solutions, as well as food to families in Tucson needing help with food.

Contact us today for more information on how you can help, and of course, for a fast, free over the phone, or in-home estimate for your next move!

Here’s some more info on hunger, and how we can help!

When most people think about hunger, they think of a starving child in a third-world country. Or perhaps they think of a long line of homeless people waiting outside an inner-city soup kitchen.

The truth is: hunger is a HUGE problem everywhere in the United States, but it’s not always easy to see. In a country known for its wealth and prosperity, 50 million Americans struggle to find their next meal.

The face of hunger has changed. No longer is it just the homeless man on the street reaching out for a helping hand, but every day millions of people are struggling to feed their families. No one is a stranger to the economic hardships of today.

Hunger is all around us. Hunger is not limited to a single demographic or geographic region of the country. It is not a problem only affecting the homeless or the poorest of the poor. Hunger is everywhere, and the numbers are staggering.

As the economy continues to put a strain on our wallets, people are being forced to make extremely difficult decisions. What does hunger look like, you might ask?

  • It is your father-in-law who just got laid off and now struggles to pay his mortgage and put food on the table.
  • It is your elderly neighbor who must choose between buying groceries and heating her home.
  • It is your child’s classmate who goes to school each day without lunch and is too embarrassed to ask for help.

Adults who suffer from hunger live shorter, less healthy, and less happy lives. They are more likely to be obese, more prone to mental illness, and more susceptible to deadly diseases. Hunger is terrible for adults, but it’s so much worse for children.

Hunger and malnourishment go hand-in-hand, and kids who miss out on essential nutrients during their critical years of growth will be dramatically disadvantaged for the remainder of their lives. 1 in 5 American children go to bed hungry each night.

According to the Food Research and Action Center, hungry children have compromised immune systems and are two to four times as likely as nourished children to develop health problems—ranging from the relatively minor to potentially fatal. Childhood hunger also impairs cognitive development. Kids who don’t have enough to eat do worse academically, do worse socially, and risk becoming so impacted—even by only temporary food insecurity—that recovery becomes impossible.

Most people tend to think about hunger during the holiday season. We see a ton of food drives occur right around Thanksgiving. But what happens during the rest of the year? Food insecurity is a year-round issue affecting millions of families and individuals across the country.

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Spring Training

There are two things that indicate spring is finally here: The shadowless groundhog and spring-training baseball. The pollen starting to spread around the longer, warmer days and the smell of sizzling hotdogs wafting from the grill starts the season off with a home-run.

The Arizona Diamondbacks recently started their spring training regimen at Salt River Fields, their home field for the next month near Scottsdale. Optimism fills both the field and the stands as

fans clamor for a sneak peak at what 2015 has to offer their favorite team. Fresh faces in the club will compete for a spot on the roster while the veterans take their time breaking in their dormant bodies to prepare for the new season. The new season has a lot to offer fans hoping to see the fresh new faces of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Starting with newly hired General Manager, Dave Stewart, the team has had a busy offseason adding and shedding payroll in various places.

Here at Assurance Relocation Systems, we are big baseball fans and are also especially supportive of our favorite hometown ball club, Arizona Diamondbacks. We wish them the very best as they warm up for a fun-filled and hopefully winning season. Anyone that is moving to or from the Tucson area, or is in need of warehouse storage, please give us a call. Like the Diamondbacks, we are experts in our field. Whether you require a local, out-of-state or international move, we have your needs covered. Call us today to receive a free quote at (520) 396-4403. See you at the game!.

A Trove of Modernistic Architecture

At Assurance Relocation Systems, we’re proud of who we are and where we’re from. So, naturally, our eyes lit up when we found an article in The New York Times about Tucson titled “An Unsung Architectural Oasis.” This descriptive piece, penned by Guy Trebay, lays out the gorgeous Tucson landscape and its modernist architecture in an enticing and relatable tone. We have to be honest, seeing an article about Tucson in the NYT was exciting enough, but after the trip Guy Trebay takes us on with his acute perceptibility and honest retelling of his time in Tucson, we appreciate our great city just a little bit more. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the finer points Trebay mentioned about his experience with what he calls “a landscape wondrous and yet seemingly inhospitable” – the desert that Tucson calls home.

Treblay mentions the first time he noticed the significant examples of mid-20th century architecture in Tucson, something the city secretly has in abundance. It all began at an annual American Gem Trade Association fair, where Treblay found himself less interested with the hordes of rock enthusiasts filling the parking lots of the fair, and more absorbed in exploring the streets of Tucson in search of hidden architectural treasures. He speaks of the beauty of cascading glass walls, blank fieldstone walls forming the facades of cool interior caves, and cathedral-like shapes of buildings that decorate the Tucson skyline.

Trebay notes the difference between the cookie-cutter homes you find on the East Coast, and the dense neighborhoods that contain hidden gems of modernist architecture in the Southwest. Every autumn brings with it Tucson Modernist Week, which features a guided tour to find the works of architects such as Tom Gist, Anne Rusdale, Robert Swaim, or Arthur T. Brown. Trebay resorts to a written guide to find the mid-century holdouts, peppered amongst the corner stores and stucco strip malls.

At Assurance Relocation Systems, we are glad to see others experiencing the beauty of Tucson, and what a great place it is to live. We hope to serve the great city of Tucson with the top-quality move services we provide. It’s our way of giving back to our community, and our home that we love so dearly. If you would like to learn more about our moving and storage services in the Tucson area, call us or fill out our online estimate form for a free moving quote..

Arpin’s Newest Agent


Assurance Relocation Systems is pleased to announce we are now an interstate agent of Arpin Van Lines! This partnership gives us the chance to show our wide-ranging services as a professional moving and storage company, and represent a van line that brings with it more than a century of experience in the industry. The Arpin brand is a symbol of reliability, trust and integrity, and Assurance Relocation Systems stands by these values wholeheartedly, ready to give you the gold-standard of service you deserve. For your next move, choose a mover that stands for quality: Assurance Relocation Systems.

Assurance Relocation Systems offers a variety of services, including:

  • Local moves
  • Long-Distance moves
  • Storage options
  • Office moves
  • Commercial moves
  • Specialty item moves

The staff at Assurance Relocation Systems is dedicated to providing you with personalized customer service, leaving you with a tailor-made moving experience. Serving customers with extreme care and unmatched attention to detail is what is expected of an Arpin agent, and guiding our customers to success is what we strive for. Enlist help from Assurance Relocation Systems and get the quality service you deserve.


How to Safely Move Your Gun Safe

Need help moving a gun safe? You’re not alone, most safe owners do. As a trusted gun safe mover in Tucson, we’ve put together a moving checklist for gun safes to help people just like you safely relocate their safe, regardless of size. We bring years of experience and expertise in the moving and storage industry to the table, along with our certified ProMover status, so we’re confident these tips will provide you a safe and stress-free gun safe move to or from Tucson.

Gun Safe Moving Options

Gun safes can be one of the more challenging items to move, especially because gun safes aren’t supposed to be easy to carry away. They’re designed to stay in a secure location, or even bolted to the ground or wall.

This is why it’s usually best to seek out the help of a professional moving company when moving your safe. A professional mover will have the equipment and techniques to pack and move your safe with extreme care and precision.

Tips for Moving a Gun Safe

Some people, however, do prefer to handle moving their safe on their own. If you are one of these people, please take advantage of the following gun safe moving tips:

  1. Take everything out of the safe – Trying to navigate around corners and up/down stairs with a safe full of contents is not the wisest idea. Taking everything out of the safe will reduce the weight significantly, plus you won’t have to worry about anything falling out or getting damaged as a result of a lot of shifting around in the safe.
  2. Use heavy-duty moving equipment – Whether your safe is large or small, you’ll need a dolly for the easiest moving experience. This will make moving your safe a lot less physically demanding. Also, be sure to obtain some moving straps to secure the safe at all times while in transit.
  3. Use some friends – Ask a few of your stronger friends to help you move the safe. Having a few helping hands for your more cumbersome items never hurts.
  4. Pack everything carefully – After you’ve taken everything out of the safe and moved it onto the truck safely, pack all of the items you took out earlier separately and put them in a safe place until you get to your destination.
  5. Research travel regulations – If you’re moving out of state, your new destination may have laws regulating the transportation of firearms. To avoid any delays in your move, research this information ahead of time.

We hope these tips will help you have a safe, easy and stress-free move to or from Tucson. If you need help moving a gun safe in the area, please fill out our form for a free quote. One of our Tucson area moving coordinators will be in touch to start planning your move.